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Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio
399 North St., Walpole, MA 02081

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  • Teaching children and adults through classroom, studio art classes and group workshops since 1990.
  • 30 years as a fine art painter, muralist and commercial illustrator. Rosemarie has sold numerous oil paintings to private collectors, been awarded corporate commissions and has exhibited in numerous galleries, juried and solo exhibitions in the New England region.

Rosemarie Morelli is dedicated full-time to her school and brings over 30 years of professional fine art and commercial graphic design experience to the studio. She was awarded several major art commissions for her paintings, murals and 3D multi-media design installations at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Rosemarie studied painting under Sergio Roffo and classical realism and impressionism oil painting at the Boston School of Painters Atelier under Nadia Mahfuz, the former pupil of RH Ives Gammell. Rosemarie has developed her own teaching methods that incorporates some of the techniques of the masters into a kid-friendly (and beginner adult-friendly) program that is fun and easy to learn.

Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School provides a fun and supportive learning environment for young and "seasoned" artists of all ages and skill levels. Children who love art can create a variety of 2D, 3D and multi-media artworks as they learn to draw, paint, illustrate, cartoon, and sculpt subjects and scenes of their choosing. Students participate in group art fundamental lessons and receive individual instruction as they work on their own projects at their own pace. Adults set their own pace from relaxed enjoyment to ambitious training.

Morelli Art studio is equipped with drawing tables and easels, is stocked with quality fine art supplies, and has off-street parking for easy drop off and pick up.

Art Classes in Walpole, MA
Children • Teens • Adults

Advance your artistic talents.
Rosemarie Morelli is dedicated to teaching
the techniques for good drawing and painting
in a supportive and fun art studio.
All levels and abilities welcome!

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Children & Teens After School Art Classes
Adults Oil Painting and Drawing Classes

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The Studio is located at 399 North Street, Walpole, MA 02081


Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School
Annual Student Art Exhibition & Reception
To further enrich your experience as an artist, all students, children and adults, are encouraged to participate in the Annual Spring Art Exhibition & Reception. The show will be held at a local, professional art gallery to showcase your artworks.





Children's After School and Saturday Art Classes
Does your child love art? All Children & Teens Art Classes offer project choices in: Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor Painting; Pastel Painting and Drawing; Color Pencil and Graphite Drawing or Illustration; Pen & Ink Illustration and Cartooning; Charcoal and Conte Drawing and Sketching; 2D and 3D Multi-Media Creations.

Every child has his or her individual learning style, ability and art focus interest. Students taking classes at Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School learn how to see better so they understand how to draw and paint better! As your teacher, my goal is to advance your child’s art skills while they enjoy discovering and developing their creative interests, abilities and talents.

Students are taught art fundamental skills during group participation including realistic instructional drawing and painting lessons that show them the way to problem solving — putting them in control to render a better likeness of a variety of subjects including people, portrait, animals, landscapes, objects, architecture, mythological creatures and much more. Each child receives individual instruction while working on their own projects at their own speed. Enjoying the art creation process while learning to be a skilled artist is most important!

To register your child anytime during the school year, call Rosemarie Morelli at 508-668-4933 or email:

Adults Drawing and Painting Classes at Rosemarie Morelli Art Studio & School

Join our fun group of artists who are improving their drawing and painting skills while enjoying the camaraderie of creating fabulous works of art together. Whether you are a beginner student or advanced artist seeking a comprehensive training program, learning how to use the traditional art master methods will help you achieve a more realistic, lifelike drawing and painting. Everyone, regardless of level or ability can learn these techniques! You will learn how to see and correct shapes, proportions and edges; understand and learn to see mid-tone values for shadows and lights; develop rendering and application techniques for the finished drawing and painting; and understand color theory for mixing paint to achieve colors as seen in nature.

Students may work from life or photo images of landscapes, still life, people or portrait — whatever is of interest as you build skills and confidence to take on more ambitious projects, or if you prefer, continue drawing and painting at a fun and relaxed pace. All students receive individual instruction tailored to their personal goals and speed. Students may choose to draw or paint but are strongly encouraged to do both! Bring your oil paints and charcoal drawing & paper supplies to the first class. Supply list provided upon registration

To schedule your start date call 508-668-4933 or email: